The Effect of Locomotor Learning Toward Motor Skill od Students Grade I with Mentally Disabled (C1) SLB Putera Asih Kota Kediri

BEKTI, RURUH ANDAYANI (2016) The Effect of Locomotor Learning Toward Motor Skill od Students Grade I with Mentally Disabled (C1) SLB Putera Asih Kota Kediri. In: Proceeding ICSS International Conference of Sport Science. Universitas Negeri Surabaya, pp. 180-182.

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Physical education which is taught in school has an important role for growth and physical development and establishe lifelong healthy lifestyles but not everyone has these three aspects to perfect, there are still many who have limited to those who have keterbataan physical, mental, and emotional that occur in Anak Berkebutuhan Khusus (ABK). Most of them have barriers in response to stimuli given environment to perform motion, imitating, and even there are indeed physically impaired that could not make a move that is oriented correctly, unconsciously will impact on the development and improvement of physical abilities and skills of motion. ln connection with the above the physical education program as one of the subjects in Sekolah Luar Biasa (SLB) has significance in developing the potential that still exists on children with special needs. In this case the physical education program for children with special needs are known by a special physical education or adaptive physical education. Adaptive physical education planned properly and packaged in accordance with the needs of children, especially children with mentally disable are expected to be able to form the basic motor skills of children. The formation of the basic motor skills of children with intellectual challenges each individual has particular signficance as it is known the basic locomotor movement capabilities. Goal of this research is retarded children (moderate mental retardation) first grade of primary school, since children with intellectual challenges are in the classification is capable mentally disabled training (trainable mentally disable) can still be mimicked directed. In contrast to the mild mental retardation that physically they are not impaired. Similarly, severe and very severe mental retardation who require total care assistance (Somantri, 1986: 86). On the basis of the above, then the question arises: 1). How does the dynamic development of motor movement of the student with medium mentally disable (C1) class I SLB Kediri Kota Putera Asih for granted locomotor learning; 2). How does the influence of the locomotor learning toward motor skills of Students Tunagrahita class 1 (C1) SLB Putera Asih Kediri.

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