Rumah Pintar dalam Taman Belajar Masyarakat (TBM) Berbasis Kearifan Lokal

SETYOWIDODO, IRWAN and YULIANTO, DEMA and HANDAYANI, APRILIA DWI (2018) Rumah Pintar dalam Taman Belajar Masyarakat (TBM) Berbasis Kearifan Lokal. Jurnal Terapan Abdimas, 3 (1). pp. 110-115. ISSN 2502-2806

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This study is based on the existence of community learning park (in Indonesian, it‟s called Taman Belajar Masyarakat/ TBM), which lacks the attention and participation of the community in the management and development. It supports the authors to study how empirical conditions of community park management and how to develop community learning parks by integrating local cultures and local wisdom. The method used is Participatory Rural Appraisal method and data collection techniques was done by interview, observation, and documentation study. The subject of the study was TBM "Daar El Fikr" Jambu . Based on preliminary studies, the empirical condition of TBM in the management is still traditional, the teenagers are still unfamiliar with the culture of reading and writing, inadequate information technology, the absence of documentation of the work, the lack of knowledge of cultural values of the village and the local wisdom of the young generation, against traditional games, as well as quite a number of less productive teenage figures. While the form of community participation in the management of TBM is still private social. Following a community-based approach through activities that integrate the local culture and wisdom of the community, it turns out that this can make a difference in TBM. For the program activities currently carried out include: 1) Implementation of writing classes are carried out periodically to be recorded and published in a book. 2) The creation of an online book catalog that provides information about books owned by TBM and the website contains information on TBM activities. 3) Documented traditional educative game CD containing life skill learning, such as mbubuan, dakon, ular tangga, gedrik, ular naga, paman dolit, wodowo, cublek-cublek suweng, sabrem, dan gobrak sodor. 4) Establishment of self-employment group.

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